We drove to Red Bluff and beyond to get our new little LGD (livestock guardian dog).  She is a sweet little pup that is 7/8 Pyrenees and 1/8 Akbash.  She was the pick of the litter from a group of 5 girls and 1 boy.  Her mom and the rest of her litter were living together in the sheep night pen.  She was learning the ropes of being a good keeper of sheep while playing with her fluffy litter mates and 2 bigger half brothers with Russian names I can't remember. 
So after going over details and visiting with her breeder we headed back the long 4 1/2 hours to bring this girl home.  A few little tummy upsets on our notorious roller coaster roads and much drool later we arrived home at 6pm. 

Our little Ultra had a big meal after her road tummy settles and meet our crew of old "seasoned" dogs- Zen and Dot our border collie mixes.  Friends yet...well no...but patience and plenty of sniffing we will settle for warmish acquaintance for now.  After such an exhausting day much sleep was needed.  So this little puffy of a pup snuggled in to an big fluffy dog bed and started her first night guarding the porch.  ;)  She is doing great with "coming" when called and we are working on "no mouth" when she tries to get too mouthy with her sharp puppy teeth.  The next lessons while reinforcing "come" will be "sit" and "be easy" with the chickens and cats to start.  She is pretty easy with the cats so that isn't much of a challenge so far.  Once we have basic mastery of the P&Q of puppiness we will work on socialization and the scope of the yard and duties. 

ULTRA's name has the meaning of "
on the far side of, beyond.”  But also means extreme or mega which we think this pup will be.  Beyond our expectations of wonderful.