Pyrenees have this great ability to get so muddy and dirty and then later they are all white again.  But who doesn't like to have a warm soak anyway. 
We have an outdoor claw foot bathtub.  We were both done and Ultra seemed curious.  Jess plopped her in and she was having a blast, chomping at the water and chasing her wet swishy tail.  Now the problem was getting her out- typical kid.  We got her out and she went right back in by herself.  I was then worried that she would continue this and not be able to get herself out.  Well she flopped out just fine.  She went and dried herself in the sun by the chickens.

Now the only problem is, when we are filling a bath we have to watch out for her thinking it is her turn first.  Silly puppy. 



07/01/2015 11:10pm

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She is so cute!

07/04/2016 10:51am

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05/15/2017 12:39am

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Good post. The dog is like a child.

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05/16/2017 11:23pm

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